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Providing out-of-hospital care in a variety of environments during a deadly force encounter requires special judgment and skills, not taught in standard emergency curricula. The Medical Response to Deadly Force (MeRDeF) four phase series, is designed to encompass medical trauma and applicable defensive response training. This is accomplished by enhancing the participants’ ability to provide appropriate medical treatment to themselves as well as others in order to enable them to survive a deadly force encounter. Each phase escalates both, the medical applications and instructions, and the firearms techniques and tactical training. Courses are taught by top tier Special Forces instructors, Advanced Trauma & Medical Instructors and Military Survival Training Instructors. This is a challenging course and requires prerequisites.
Note: This course is not open to the public.
Note: This course does offer CMe’s, CEU’s and CE credits.
If interested, please contact our office for details of prerequisites, locations and available dates.

  • Course Length: 5 Days – $950

***Please note that cancellations of your course registration must be made prior to 72 hours of class date, regardless of circumstance(s). Any cancellation made within 72 hours will be cause for students to be rescheduled to attend a later class.